20 éve a kempingesekért - Hollako Karaván Kft
20 years for the campers
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Új Knaus lakókocsik - Hollako Karaván Kft


Freedom and comfort, all at affordable prices! View our 2018 models!

 Új T@b lakókocsik- Hollako Karaván Kft


Live examples of how to take full advantage of a small space! We adore their own unique form!

Új Weinsberg lakóautók - Hollako Karaván Kft


When it comes to modern external knowledge. Simple, comfortable and safe - impossible to withstand it!

Használt lakókocsik és lakóautók - Hollako Karaván Kft


What is used, not necessarily old! We are not only selling new, but used quality caravans for everyone to find the right one!

Szervíz ajánlataink - Hollako Karaván Kft


Pre-journey inspection, minor or major repairs or technical examinations - We are at your service!

Truma felszerelések - Hollako Karaván Kft


On request we undertake air conditioning and Mover installation. A comfortable solution for maximum comfort.


We have many useful accessories to equip a caravan for greater comfort. These accessories are not only distributed, but are also installed, and in case of failure, we provide repairs or replacement parts. Click the more button to get more information.


MCCC tagsági - Hollako Karaván Kft

MCCC Membership Card Validation and Change

It is possible to validate MCCC membership card and MCCC and FICC Membership IDs at our site!

MCCC membership provides many discounts on a wide variety of camping sites in the UK, as well as attending events and events organized by the MCCC, and FICC membership offers many foreign campsites. For more information, read the MCCC website.

MHKK tagsági  - Hollako Karaván Kft

MHKK membership card

It is already possible to validate and replace an MHKK membership card.

Annual membership fee: 2000 HUF, 18 years of age. More details on the MHKK website.

Lakókocsi beszámítás - Hollako Karaván Kft

Offsetting a caravan purchased at us

Let's count your caravan bought in us! We will not discard our old caravans, do not do it! If you decide to change your caravan for any reason, if you bought it within a year, bring it back to us!

If the condition of the returnee caravan is unchanged and the caravan value of the caravan exceeds the previous twice, then it will be calculated at the then sales price.

A few words about the benefits of a caravan

It is more and more popular in Hungary because of its volume and mobility. If we go on a long journey and do not have a reserved seat in any campsite, behind our backs, our accommodation is already provided. If you are stopping in a car park while you are traveling, you can use it for rest or meals, or if you have a caravan in a washbasin with bio-toilets. The big advantage is that the fridge can be used on the go, either gas or 12V. If we use our vehicle in cold or cool weather, the gas convector inside it can quickly spark warmth.

When we reached our destination and entered a campsite, there is nothing else to do with the caravan and plug into 220V. From this point on, we can already use it properly, even if we have already packed ourselves into cabinets and loading places at home. If you spend a longer time in one place, you should also set up a pre-tent - which is at least as large a space as the caravan itself - since in the summertime this is our main living space, which can be equipped with tables, chairs and even mobile kitchens.

This can be a long weekend in the home or longer time abroad. You can choose from around 250 campsites in Hungary, most of which are open in winter. Since Hungary is a great power in the world of hot water baths, there are many quality baths and campsites. You can find out more about these on www.campinform.eu where you can also get information about appointments and programs.

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